Paramount International markets and sells Model 250 Rolls-Royce Allison Engines, Components, and Spare Parts. We can help reduce your Engine maintenance and overhaul cost by supplying OEM / NEW surplus and overhauled Parts as an alternative to purchasing new Parts directly from R.R Allison or Allison Maintenance Centers (AMC). Most of our overhauled Parts are sold at 40% to 50 % discounts, and our new Parts are normally sold very competitive with R.R Allison’s (AMC) current discounts. Paramount currently inventories over 3 million dollars of Model 250 spares, consisting of NEW / OEM overhauled serviceable and repairable Parts for outright or exchange sale. Our exchange pool of Engines, Modules, Accessories and Parts are overhauled by various FAA and R.R Allison appointed facilities. In addition to Parts, we stock a large inventory of new and overhauled Engines, Modules and Accessories. Paramount routinely sells and exchanges Parts with most AMC facilities. Our inventory constantly changes due to sales and availability, however we are always competitive on price and availability. Paramount International will also purchase and trade surplus inventory.

Prior to sending your Engine, Module or Accessory to a Model 250 overhaul facility, or when the overhaul facility provides you with an estimate, just e-mail it, or fax it to Paramount International. We can reduce your cost by having Paramount supply parts directly. All sales are subject to the overhaul facilities inspection and will include FAA 8130-3 certification or traceability as required by the overhaul facility.

We would appreciate if you will consider Paramount Intl. as a competitive source for your R.R Allison Engine Parts. Placement on your suppliers listing for future Model 250 spare parts would be appreciated.



- David Rain, President

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